So I'm nearing my sixth decade in life and not only are the hairs on my scalp turning a silver gray, but my eyebrows are also starting to turn white.  Now in this economy and so close to retirement, I can't really afford to splurge on salon treatments so what's a gal to do?

Well, I'll just color my eyebrows at home!  I was scared of using chemicals like hair dyes near my eyes, but I just followed some simple tips I found online and it was over in less than half an hour.  I just applied the dye to my eyebrows and wiped it off when it was time.  Now it is a good idea to put something on your skin like vaseline or preparation H on your eyelids and eyebrow bone so you don't end up with funny blotches on your skin, but it really was easy and painless.  There was some tingling where the dye was applied, but it wasn't anything too troubling.  Mostly it just felt like getting my hair dyed.  Here's to saving some money in 2010 and turning the clock back a couple of years.
Here's a great video of how to dye your eyebrows at home and when you're done, learn how to shape and grow out your eyebrows with Renew brow if you have overplucked them.

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